Healthy (Really!) Two-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding

This one’s for anyone who wants a treat that doesn’t contain white sugar. Or who’s craving chocolate with vitamins in it. And it’s for parents who can’t get their kids to eat a vegetable. Oh heck, it’s for anyone who wants to try something different!

My brother sent me a TikTok video of this recipe and I tried it on the weekend. Apparently it’s been around for a several years and shared by various social media types. The pudding’s two ingredients are – wait for it – chocolate and butternut squash.

You heard me!

Sliced and peeled butternut squash on a cutting board beside a large knife.

I love butternut squash soup so I purchased two of the vegetables and made both at the same time.

I’m sure you can take shortcuts but I decided to make this exactly the way the woman in the video did it. She peeled and cubed the squash before boiling it until it got soft. My squash was rather large so I used about 3/4 of it and kept the rest aside for roasting later in the week.

A pan of cubed squash in water on the left of the gas stofe and a pot with cubed squash, sweet potato and onion visible along with spices.

While the squash softened I grated the unsweetened baker’s chocolate. Spring turned to summer, autumn arrived and I was still grating. I missed Christmas but eventually I grated 250g.

Tall grater on parchment paper. Grated chocolate in the foreground beside a piece of baker's chocolate.

Finally, my kitchen scale told me it was time. I drained the squash, added it to a large bowl containing the grated chocolate and stirred until it melted.

It didn’t look appealing at this stage.

Chocolate melted over chunks of squash and a spatula in the middle.

At this point, the mixture is supposed to be pulverized by a hand blender. I couldn’t find mine. Have I given it away? I’m likely to do that sort of thing. So I squished it all with my squishing tool from Pampered Chef and then scraped it into my blender.

A black, plastic tool with a handle and a pinwheel-shaped structure at the business end.
The Pampered Chef Mix n Chop. I have used it to break up meat, crush tomatoes, you name it. (Not a paid endorsement!)

The texture was smooth and the taste – perfection! I’m guessing that a child would want it sweeter but that’s easily done with a little honey or whatever you wish. For us, it’s just right. There’s enough sweetness in the squash to offset the bitterness of the unsweetened chocolate. Yummy!

White ramekin with a spoon in the dark brown pudding that looks thick and smooth.

I ended up with seven rather full ramekins of pudding for about 200 calories each. Not to mention Vitamins A, C and B, manganese, magnesium and potassium. There’s no hint in the taste that it contains squash. Take that, veggie haters! If you’re interested, my soup has less than 100 calories per bowl and even more nutrients and fibre thanks to the squash, sweet potato, onion and garlic. I serve it with a dollop of cream cheese or fat-free sour cream on top.

My brother says he’ll try this pudding recipe too but with roasted squash instead of cubed, and melting the chocolate instead of grating. But really, what would I have done with all of that extra non-grating time? Besides, flecks of chocolate got all over the kitchen so it was a wonderful opportunity to clean, well, everything. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to find my hand blender.

9 thoughts on “Healthy (Really!) Two-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding”

  1. Hi Lisa! I’m definitely going to try this! Found my hand blender first! 😄 I would like to try your soup recipe too! Can you please share that with us? Thanks for brightening our days so many times! Have a great day yourself! They say spring starts tonight but….🧐

    1. I know what you mean! I just took the garbage to the curb and it’s frosty out there

      My soup recipe is kind of by-gosh-by-golly. One butternut squash. A couple of sweet potatoes. Cubed and put into a pot with a container of broth and a few cups of water. A diced onion. Some garlic. Sometimes I add sliced carrots, sometimes not. It wasn’t as thick this time as others so I made a flourless roux with cream cheese to thicken it. I kind of mess around with it. And I use whatever broth I have. This time it was vegetable. Simmer until everything is soft and then use the blender if you can find it!

  2. I have made something similar and served it to 2 picky-eater family members without telling them and they had no idea. There’s another recipe out there that uses avocado so I add a little of that to the butternut squash recipe and I think it makes it a littler creamier and a little healthier too!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Are you still grating the chocolate?

    What about now?

    And now?

    (You know how I love to pound a joke into the ground.)

    1. Lisa can’t come to the blog right now.

      She’s grating chocolate!

      Please leave a message and she will return your comment in 2026!

  4. I can’t wait to make this for my husband who says he doesn’t like squash.
    I might even gussy it up with a maraschino cherry and then sit back and wait for his reaction.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe, Lisa.

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