Some Bunny Forgot Easter

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My Mom loved Easter. She never would have taken on so much work that she forgot about Easter until it was almost too late!

But my Mom wasn’t a freelancer in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Feast or famine is the ol’ cliche but it’s true now more than ever. So, when you get a feast of work, you grab a fork and dig in.

This too shall pass.

And so will Easter without any help from me. This week I was hired to give voice to a Thanksgiving commercial. No wonder I’m confuused!

My brother will come up and we’ve already taken his order for Chinese food. Derek has offered to be our personal Uber Eats driver. He’ll scoot out to the west end of London, Byron, and get take out from our old neighbourhood restaurant, Chinatown. My brother and I avoid eating sugar so there’ll be no chocolate bunnies for us. But the point is that we’ll get together, right?

It doesn’t matter that it’s over spring rolls and chow mein. Mom would be glad that we’re making the effort.

Have a wonderful weekend whether it’s an Easter feast, a regular old weekend, or Chinese takeout.

8 thoughts on “Some Bunny Forgot Easter”

  1. Having Derek, your brother, and Cuddles at your table, is the real celebration. Plus, no pots and pans to wash. Sounds perfect to me, Lisa.

  2. Ahh, Chinatown Restaurant and bo-bo trays, the favourite Chinese restaurant Linda and I have found in London. I’m sure the Easter bunny has blessed this establishment and its cuisine many times over the years. Happy Easter to y’all.

  3. Sounds like a good plan to me. Our dinner will be a pork tenderloin, throw in oven and forget for an hour until it’s done.

    Chinatown is a good plan – we often get takeout for lunch from them.

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