Trade Up Podcast Launches Today!

Podcast launch artwork features a piece of graph paper with the title The Trade Up Podcast with John Finan and Lisa Brandt on a workbench with various tools and a welding helmet nearby

Today, episode one of the Trade Up podcast is live and kicking off another adventure in John Finan’s and my mission to promote the skilled trades. We call it “your guide to understanding, navigating, and excelling in the world of the trades.” It follows our book, Trade Up: Why Buy a Job When You Can Start A Career.

We published the book last year (available via Amazon) and it’s gotten a terrific response. We are still working toward getting it into the hands of all students, parents and guidance counsellors in the area and the province. There are lots of barriers to break down in order to make this happen. We’re still weilding a sledgehammer and staying optimistic!

Confession: I never know what to call John Finan. He’s an entrepreneur, business owner, electrician, happily married man, proud father and grandfather, socially conscious and civic-minded good dude – but is he my friend? My business partner? I think he’s probably both. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

In episode one, we lay the groundwork with a “get to know” John discussion and how/why the book came to be. Every second espisode will feature an interview with a fascinating guest who has a trades-related story to tell. Episode two (March 15) features Whitney South. She’s a skilled photographer, former music journalist with Our London, and now a full-time welder. There’s much more to Whitney’s story and why she decided this trade was right for her.

It takes a little time for all the podcast distributors – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. – to put new podcasts in their line-ups. For the moment, you can find it HERE.

We’re always on the hunt for tradespeople, apprentices and anyone else with a desire to tell their story about an aspect of skilled trades. Ideas are welcome: We have room for sponsorships as well. We’ll use all of our social media channels to make sure this podcast gets around. And we aim to keep up with skilled trades news and share it during our alternating John-and-Lisa episodes.

We couldn’t do the Trade Up post-book projects without our silent partner, Andrew Rosser at City Media. He brings insights and knowledge that John and I lack and we are lucky to have him.

Gracefully and Frankly logo features our silver heart necklaces and the logos of our sponsors: EnVy pillow and Sierra Sil.

And let me be clear that Trade Up is in addition to, not instead of the podcast Gracefully and Frankly that Erin Davis and I host. That weekly podcast is a gift in my life and I know Erin feels the same way. We’ll never give it up. Even if we are asked to! LOL

10 thoughts on “Trade Up Podcast Launches Today!”

  1. Looking forward to listening. I recall hearing John on one of the London, ON radio stations when he was as expert.

  2. Our son, who struggled a bit in high school, graduated on the Dean’s list from college as a millwright. He has earned more certificates to work in this trade. He has worked at a number of places, most recently at a water treatment plant, a gold mine (as a foreman!) and now he is at OPG. He loves the job, always figuring out how to fix something to get the job done. When he first started he said the crews he worked with made him feel welcome and helped him, especially when he was away from home. He recently went fishing with a man he met while working at the mine. This trade seems to be a close-knit group of people who want to help each other. This sounds like a good career, not just a job. What more could you ask for?

  3. Great work – production, subject matter, content and host! Well done, Lisa – and John brings a lot of useful information that’s hopefully going to land where it needs to! Love that you are so busy – but never too busy for our podcast (and more importantly) our friendship! xo E

  4. Claire Cascone

    What an interesting¬†and informative podcast. I sure hope it reaches the right audiences who will benefit from the knowledge you and John shared. It just makes so much sense¬†to spread the word to kids who are getting ready to leave high school. They really need to know that there is something out there¬†other than the university¬†degree their parents are expecting them to get. Imagine the pressure they can be relieved from if they can be taught to see that it’s okay to pursue a different route than what may be expected from them.
    The wealth of information your book and podcast can spread, especially now, in these times where there is a huge shortage of skilled workers, is absolutely priceless. 
    This podcast should be heard in classrooms everywhere.

  5. On more than one occasion I have suggested the trades as a possible career option to those students I’ve met who are unsure as to their career path but seem to have a mechanical aptitude. It can be a very rewarding career option with potential for autonomy and independence.

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