A Collection of Random Musings for a Tuesday

Kleenex 3-pack

How do you turn a brand name into a word?

For years, many of us have said Kleenex instead of tissue. We say we will Google something regardless of whether we use Google or another search engine. And it occurred to me the other day that I say I’m going to meet someone on Zoom even if the meeting is on Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

Does the word get awarded to the company that arrives first? The one that’s best? Or is it just pure luck.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Onesie, Band-Aid, Xerox, Thermos and Polo shirt all started as brands that became words.

But how did an entitled white American woman complaining loudly become a Karen? On behalf of many wonderful Karens, that needs to stop. Just don’t change it to Lisa, please!

Visiting Past Packing Mistakes

Organizing our basement storage area has been illuminating in many ways. It only took me a couple of weeks to do it, here and there, when time allowed. My labelmaker got a great workout and I discovered a few things.

  1. Several items that were previously destined for the garbage tucked away between totes. (DEREK?!)
  2. With four banker’s boxes full of paper, like old tax documents, I discovered a few places in St. Thomas that do paper shredding!
  3. We will never have to purchase another paper clip or letter envelope.

I also found treasures like this note my Dad left me when I was a teen.

A square piece of paper with my name in ink at the top. Only about every fifth word is legible, on purpose. Most of it is squiggles but you can make out the words "your room", "on the living room floor" and "heart attack".
Dad was a funny guy. He had come home late and peeked in my room only to see that I wasn’t there. He got scared that I was missing and looked around the house before discovering me on the living room floor. Sometimes I’d curl up in front of the fireplace to read and fall asleep. Most of the note is illegible on purpose. I remember this day, this note, and I can’t believe I still have it more than 40 years later.

I also found a lot of junk. What I didn’t locate is a large radio station T-shirt quilt I made for Derek. That mystery continues!

Babysitting Horror Stories

A Buzzfeed roundup of babysitting tales caught my attention and reminded me that I babysat for quite a few families, back in the day.

There was the mentally checked-out couple that left me one box of Kraft mac-and-cheese for three growing kids. That was supposed to be dinner for all four of us. I didn’t eat so there’d be more for the children. Those kids were on the verge of neglect but not enough to be criminal.

Another couple hired me to babysit their infant. There wasn’t much to it. The child was in bed by the time I arrived and once or twice I rocked her back to sleep but that was about it.

One night, they got home several hours past when they said they’d be back. I was pretty sure the husband was impaired when he drove me home. He pulled over on our country road and propositioned me. I was 14 and terrified. Of course, I said no. And I never told anyone. I just refused to sit for them again.

I think parents of today are better at looking past what kids say and finding holes in what’s not being said. And I hope a kid today would refuse the ride and speak up about a creepy man.

The Twits of Twitter

I know better. Recently I got sucked into a conversation on X – Twitter – that was only meant to stir up dust.

A guy wrote that Canadians are pretending to be Americans when we travel because we’re embarrassed by our country. We know the opposite is actually true due to Americans’ terrible reputation as tourists. But I commented, like a dum-dum. I forgot the cardinal rule: If a post gives you a strong emotional reaction, just move on. It’s likely either fake or a bot or a troll meant to incite and inflame.

Twitter did something else the other day that made no sense. In the Who to Follow section there was a guy with a funny Twitter handle. I clicked on his page to see what he was about and what greeted me? Several nude photos of him followed by replies featuring topless women.

I’m convinced that Elon Musk is going into Twitter’s admin section and fiddling with the algorithms. This “connection” made no sense. I’ve never looked for naked pictures or anything related. Algorithm shmalgorithm! The lunatics are running the asylum!

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  1. Yes Kleenex is still in use and Xerox.
    How about ‘the fridge?’ “Hey store
    it in the fridge.”

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