The back of a woman as she stands, seemingly wondering whether to walk into the woods

Decisions, Decisions

When you were a little kid and you needed to make a decision about your life, it was simple. Do you want to go to Grandma’s house or should I turn this car around right now? Okay then, stop fighting, you two! And you and your brother stopped fighting, because you loved Grandma and she probably baked a pie. Not to mention, no one ever noticed you digging into Grandma’s candy dish, where you would eat as many dusty Humbugs as you could free from the hard, sticky ball they had become.  …

Pulling Up Stakes

When we last left our intrepid broadcaster, she had purchased a home in Wallaceburg and put her London house up for sale. Her husband and cat have been clearing out and packing. (Husband more than cat.) We learned that the new home isn’t commuting distance to the current job. And now, with apologies to Paul Harvey, here’s…the rest…of the story.

Our News

In the deepest recesses of my heart, I’ve been longing for a change. Something big, radical, totally different. I wrestled with the idea and it pinned me and held me down. I tried to talk myself out of it but I found it was a better debater. My husband was on board from the start. But how would that change look? What would it take to make it happen? …

Prescription bottle of pot spilled out onto a prescription pad

I Inhaled

The first time happened in high school. Susan Hopper smoked me up, as they say, under the bridge in Smithville. And then I had to go to a class. The teacher droned on and I couldn’t tell whether or not I was acting normal. I rarely smoked it after that, and never at school.  …

Drawing it Out

The floor in our lower-level bathroom was due for a scrubbing. We believe the grout was white when the tile was installed, but over the years it took on an uncertain shade of gray/tan. Because it’s a small room, I decided to take it on myself. Good times! 

Where Few Have Traveled

I’m starting the week with a post that’s part fan-letter, part information-sharing via my former colleague, Avery Haines. We were coworkers at CKFM/MIX/CFRB roughly a century ago. We saw David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce perform together! Now, she’s an investigative journalist with W5 and she’s just back from North Korea.  …

twilight - friends helping each other up a hill

My Limit of F***s

When Donald Trump made fun of sexual assault victim Christine Blasey-Ford, I knew I was close. When he walked up the steps of Air Force One with toilet-paper stuck to his shoe, and no one told him, my laughter created a little bit of room for more. But the confirmation of undoubtedly biased Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court nailed it. I’m out of f***s.  …