Pandemic Purchases

Online and curbside shopping in the pandemic era has been anything but smooth. For a while, it was next to impossible to get a timeslot for grocery pick-up. Deliveries take a lot longer than advertised. Canada Post has been backed up like a taster in a cheese-making contest. We’ve all had to adjust. Some of us take it better than others.

A blue background with a white line drawing of an ear and sound going into and out of it.

Sounds Like

Voice work ebbs and flows. All freelancers and self-employed people go through this with their work. There are times when you feel like you’re standing in front of a tidal wave. Other times, you crank the tap and only a trickle comes out!

woman with her head on her open laptop, sleeping

Sleepless in Southwold

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you why they don’t get a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep isn’t special although everyone’s reasons for it are a little bit different. Isolation has created a sleeping problem for some people who never had one before. But we are already a nation of bad sleepers.

random black music notes spread out on a white blackground

That Song

Discussing frivolous things right now seems wrong. Serious, important issues are at the forefront and I’m definitely taking part in those conversations. But sometimes, you need a mental break. Whether it’s turning off social media, or talking about the weather, or what have you. In that spirit, I want to share a little happy, silly, but satisfying occurence in my life! And it’s all about a song.

Three construction paper paintings in a row on a wall about an inch above a baseboard.

Cat’s Height Gallery

Hello, my sweets! I’ve been thinking. It’s a wonder the neck of a cat isn’t as long as a giraffe’s. We spend so much of our time looking up. Everything we want to see is many miles above us. This is why we love climbing up onto things like bookshelves and roofs. It’s from such a perch that we’re able to finally look down on the world.

Derek on his red and grey tractor backing down from a pile of crushed asphalt, his blade pushing some of it

Rural Routes

I fought our new way of life for several months after we moved in. Even though I know it’s futile and frankly, unhealthy for my mental wellness, I dug myself into a state of forcing this old house and property to prove itself to me. It’s too big, too unpredictable too…rural.