Just For Today

Let’s not be judgmental about John Travolta and Kelly Preston and their choice of faith, Scientology.  Let’s actually be the tolerant, accepting society that we claim to be, ok?

Let’s not ask questions about what medication they did or did not have their 16 year old son Jett on to control his debilitating seizures.  Let’s not speculate about whether the lad was properly supervised or given the best in medical care, by whatever definition his parents used for that phrase.

Let’s remember that this was a boy who was dearly loved by his family and that the actors are, today, just parents who have suffered the unimaginable loss of a child.  And if we do that, our hearts can’t help but break for them, religion and lifestyle aside.  Because none of that other stuff really matters when such a tragedy occurs.  My Grandmother lost her youngest, my Uncle, when he was 34 and she never got over it.  We can’t begin to guess what it’s like to feel that amount of pain.  And let’s hope we never can.