My Udder Creative Friend

My Nashville pal Richard has taken his artistic creations out of the barnyard and into cyberspace and soon, into the flesh! 

Richard has been doing album covers and all sorts of artsy projects for as long as I’ve known him.  He’s steeped in the Nashville music scene; he even lived in Ronnie Prophet’s house!  His moost (not an error) enduring creations have been a series of cows he’s released on greeting cards that riff off Nashville’s identity as Moosic City USA and such.  You can see them at

Now Richard has created a cow band called the Range Rovers and I’ll be darned if their first song isn’t a catchy little number.  It’s called Everybody Move and it and all the Range Rovers info can be found at . Just try to get the song out of your head!

The singer is Paul Jefferson who fronts a band called Hilljack and plays Everybody Move when they have gigs around the city.  His wife is well known to Canadian country music fans: Lisa Brokop.  He’s a terrific singer and he has agreed to do more Range Rovers tunes.

Check it out, shake your ground round and find your inner bovine!