Designer Dudes and Me

The men who used to be known as the Designer Guys, Steven and Chris, now have their own talk show on CBC.

Their producer has been in touch and asked me if I’d like to be profiled on the program.   Does the Pope wear a big hat?   I don’t yet know if that means I’d actually be on the show in person or if they’d just chat about me and my taste in decorating.  I’ve submitted some photos of our home and they’re aware of my Toronto Sun column, House Proud, which is why I was contacted in the first place.

These guys are the real deal.  They have their own line of furniture and accessories and they’re well known as authorities in the realm of trends and home fashion.  The interior design and decor family is a friendly one and as a person who dabbles for fun I’ve found, without exception, universal acceptance by those who are trained and truly know the stuff.  The more the merrier I suppose!

I will post updates as warranted on whether I make it to air with Steven and Chris.  Meantime, there’s a wardrobe that needs a couple of coats of paint and a list of odds and ends I need to tidy up around here.  It’s my idea of fun!