Educating Educators

Quite some time ago I contributed a chapter to a University textbook.  It’s now official!  The book almost exists!

My good friend Shannon Sampert is a Doctor of Political Science and co-author of Mediating Canadian Politics.  It’s a look at the way media cover elections and politics in general and I’m one of many Canadian media types who attempt to explain how and why we report on it the way we do.  It’s published by Pearson and due out in the coming weeks.  With a retail price of $59.95 I’m not expecting you, dear reader, to scoot out and purchase a copy!!  It will mostly be peddled to poli-sci students and professors. But it’s a new realm of writing for me and I’m very proud to be a small part of the education process.

It will be fascinating to read the two Doctors’ text on the subject and how my little contribution will weave into the whole of their central theme. Textbooks can be – in the words of my friend Paul – “as dry as a popcorn fart” but I know that Dr. Sampert and Dr. Linda Trimble have worked hard to make sure this book has life and relevance.  Shannon once used country music videos in a presentation about Americans and their sense of national pride when it comes to politics.  That’s anything but dry!  I hope their new book becomes a must-read text for students for years to come.