Steven and Chris Update

Another “sign of the times” in the broadcasting world, apparently. 

CBC has taken Steven and Chris off the air.  Production will wrap April 15th.  The Mother Corp says it hopes to “work with Steven and Chris” again in the future. 

The show’s producer had approached me about being profiled by the dynamic duo.  We exchanged several emails and then communication from his end stopped abruptly.  This isn’t unusual for media, really.  Sometimes things come up.  But it’s not usually the end of their job.  So the great mystery has been unravelled and it doesn’t end well for those involved with the show.  Steven and Chris will be fine.  But the team behind the scenes is finding their industry shrinking by the minute.  I wish them well.

2 thoughts on “Steven and Chris Update”

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Re: Steven and Chris Update.
    CBC…big mistake cancelling Steven & Chris. They are awesome and so is the show. I watch it everyday and so do many of my friends & family. I am very disappointed and I will be boycotting CBC. Can you tell I’m a bit upset!!

    1. I agree and not just because I would have been on the show! They are very creative and interesting guys. But the good news is that they’re on hold and not cancelled outright. Still, I have to wonder why there are so many cutbacks when the Mother Corp relies mostly on the government for its operating budget and just a fraction comes from ad revenue. I’m glad you’re letting them know what you think!

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