Picasso in Progress

Every once in a while I make a reference to my paintings.  Truth is, I haven’t put brush to canvas in more than a year but on the weekend I built a new easel so I’m one step closer to getting back on the hobby horse.  I just have to decide where I’ll set up my makeshift studio. 

I’m gloriously untrained in artistry.  I know what I like and that’s what I do.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but then again, I don’t like most true life watercolours or depictions, photographed or otherwise, of anything in a bowl, especially puppies.  I prefer my puppies one at a time and not on any type of serving dish.  Taste is an intangible quality and any reaction to one’s art is better than no reaction at all.

Anyway, as part of gearing up to get back at it, I’m posting my paintings in a gallery on this website called, creatively, Paintings.  I’ve given a couple away and I’ve asked those people to send me photographs to add to the gallery. I decided last year that I didn’t like one I had kept (it was too deliberate-looking, to me) so I tossed it in the trash!  I won’t do that again.

Art, especially abstract paintings, always look better in person but Kent Guy and his kick-ass camera did a mighty fine job of putting them in their best light – literally. 

I’m not fishing for compliments.  I’m taking the next logical step in developing whatever talent I may have and putting it out there, warts and all, for public consumption.  So feel free to enjoy, peruse, mock, applaud, discuss, criticize and otherwise get on with your day!

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