A True Superstar

So American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is on the cover of Rolling Stone to finally announce to the world that he’s gay.  I have one response.

So what? 

Adam Lambert is the most talented performer to appear on Idol, possibly ever.  He’s beautiful and I mean that in the truest sense of the word, regardless of  his sexuality.  You cannot take your eyes off him.  He’s compelling to watch and a true artist whose generosity toward fellow contestants was consistent.  He also always thanked the band and the coaches at the show.  It wasn’t to gain brownie points.  He’s a polite and thoughtful young man.  He’s going to be a superstar to his peers and to those of us old enough to be his parents. 

Lambert has signed a management and recording deal.  He’ll put out an album in the fall and you can bet I’ll be buying one.  When he makes a video it will burn up the airwaves.  Talent like his doesn’t happen along very often. He’s a freak and I mean that as a compliment!

It took the recent California ban on gay marriage to get David Hyde Pierce to admit he was gay.  Why the pressure on Lambert to say the words? Everyone knew it just like we knew it about Pierce.  And does it matter in any case?  Doesn’t talent win over any preconceived notions about a performer’s personal life and whom they choose to love?  In my world, it does.

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  1. I hear ya; labels, labels, labels. doesn’t matter what the situation is, labels get in the way of our talent – they keep us from being seen as insecure, i suppose. he’s proud that he’s gay – good for him, but i doesn’t matter.

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