New Tricks

One of the things that excited me the most about becoming a music radio host again, was the chance to learn new stuff.

My boss wants “personality” radio and that’s what was “in” the last time I was a jock so that part, while a challenge, isn’t unfamiliar.  Besides, I’m unafraid of potentially making a fool of myself and that’s an important quality to have in this kind of entertainment!  It’s imaginative play and so much fun I can hardly believe they’re paying me to do it.  (But don’t tell them that!)

The learning part comes with the computer programs. The one we use on air works like most others of its genre.  There are still a few things I need to learn about it but I had it pretty much tamed within a few days. 

The other is much more complicated.  It’s a DOS based system used for a more operational function, behind the scenes, and fed into the easier program for use while on the air.  (I don’t want to use proper names because it’s part of the company’s work product and it’s not my place to reveal what it uses.)  Anyway, if you don’t know, DOS preceded Windows in computer operations and was around before the advent of the mouse.  You use only keystrokes to make things happen and when I’ve peeked over the shoulder of someone who’s adept at using this program it looks like they’re playing the piano, they fly on those keys so quickly!  I have to get to that point and fast.

I know I will. It’s just a matter of all of the learning and practising in between to get me there, that I can’t quite envision.  Today the training begins in earnest.  Next week, I hope to be able to – perhaps slowly – take on my expected responsibilities.  And a few weeks from now I’ll make a “whatever!” facial expression when I’m asked how hard it was to catch on!  But from this side of the monitor, looking over the shoulder of an expert, it is a bit daunting and, frankly, pretty cool that I have the opportunity to add to my little tool kit of knowledge.  Wish me luck!