Delusions of Power

If I ruled the world….

All broadcasting and recording studios would be kept at a temperature cool enough to safely store lunch meats for several days.

Elves (or leprechauns, I have no bias!) would be at the ready to fetch coffee, retrieve printed documents and do general clean-up.  (Hey Sneezy, would you please rinse out my tuna tin?)

There is always something to do during a music sweep but one can’t venture very far so when one is inert for a 20 minute stretch of time it would be nice if one could get a pedicure or manicure.  Anyone who opens such a business would have a guaranteed client!   Come into the studio and scrape and make my feet purty while I peck out a blog or plan my next on air bit. It’s a no brainer!  And I tip well.  Bring me a coffee while you’re at it.  I’ll find the elves something else to do!