Flopping Around

I’m sure there are days when I could make the “don’t” page of Glamour magazine with my fashion choices.  I’m sure the What Not To Wear people could have a field day with me sometimes.  In other words, I throw stones knowing full well that I’m imperfect.  But there’s a fashion trend I’m seeing in workplaces that disturbs me on a Gabbana level. 

Flip flops.  Flip flops with dresses, with capris, with jeans and with dress pants.  Flip flops on young girls, old men and business women.  Flip flops flipping and flopping as my waitress shuffles away to get my order. Flip flops passing me in the bank on the feet of an employee.  Flip flops bringing an otherwise well dressed woman down to a level that looks careless, not casual. 

I realize that some flat sandals can be very nice and expensive despite being just little wisps of material.  But I’m talking about the rubber-soled el cheapo flaps of plastic that are meant for the beach.  If you buy them out of a bin or pegged to a wall, they’re not suitable for work-wear. I’m seeing them everywhere on people who seem to stop caring about their bodies anywhere from the ankles on down!  The sound of their approach makes me wince.  Flip, flop, flip, flop…please, invest in a proper shoe!