…Grant Me The Serenity…

When I started this job at 1039FM, as the “new kid” I knew I wouldn’t be eligible for any holiday time this summer.

Some might say I already had holiday time between when I left 680 last fall and I started at 1039 in May.  Some would be wrong, but some might say it! 

But the big bike trip is underway and I’m not on it and everyone’s talking about their summer plans and all I wanna say is “WAH!” Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah!  There.  I’ve had my little “feel sorry for myself” moment and I’ll be alright now.

Summers are short and frankly, they only happen about once a year!  And I have fewer summers left than I used to, getting older as I am, which is the goal of course, rather than NOT getting older, but I digress and I ramble.

I do, on occasion,  feel some envy and a dash of self-pity with a slightly sulky topping.  On the inside.  On the outside I’m being the grown-up that I am.  The one who understands that this is the way it works and it’s no different for me than for any other newbie at any other job.  You take a job, you work, no matter the season.  You have to earn your time off.  But there’s a small child inside of me who wants to run freely with the wind in her hair and no watch on her wrist, to savour more than two summer days in a row and to make good use of them if she wants or waste them if she wants.  And that child’s bottom lip is thrust forward as she stamps her foot and cries, “It’s not fair!” 

I hope I never lose that child.  She keeps me honest!

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  1. I totally agree with you Lisa. Don’t ever lose that child in you. That not only keeps one honest, it keeps them connected to life. Too many people live in masks and shadows. I respect you for living the life of a bird, free and liberated.

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