In The Strictest Confidence, Unless It Pays

This Rabbi Shmuley person is a bit of a scumbag, don’t you think? 

Here he is, a man of the yarmulke, and he’s playing tapes of private conversations he had with Michael Jackson for anyone who will listen.  He has already written a book based on these tapes.  He’s been on every talk show that will have him and unashamedly breaks the late superstar’s privacy. 

Does this make sense, either:  The Rabbi stopped spending time with Jackson because the singer started resisting his advice.  Is that his role? To give advice and then demand that it be followed? What about forgiving sins and understanding that humans are flawed?  And, really, how great could his advice have been anyway?  He’s a morally bankrupt, greed-fuelled scumbag, after all.

I think we need to do an investigation to determine whether he is, in fact, a real Rabbi or if he simply answered one of those spam emails that promises “you can become a Rabbi by mail!” This isn’t how a man of God acts, as far as I know.  Michael Jackson’s fame and legacy are turning those around him into fame-seeking barnacles.  Talentless Jermaine and Tito are understandable, but….

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  1. Remember, God’s man is still a man. Believe in the power not the middleman. I never had any faith in these “brokers”. Organized religion can be just as dangerous as organized crime; just ask all those countless orphans in mount cashel, those vulnerable women in distress the world over, those ….well you get my drift.

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