Month: November 2009

Avenue Q

Avenue Q made a stop at the JLC in London for two shows on Saturday.  It won Tony awards and went on to become the 20th longest-running show on Broadway. 

Animal Welfare

It appears that the shocking charges against five people, including the boss, at the Toronto Humane Society stem from the President’s policy against euthanasia.  They are accused of animal cruelty and some related things which have not yet been proven in court. 

More About Words

After days and weeks on pins and needles about the verdict in the murders of Julie Crocker and Paula Menedez, the jury came back with a guilty verdict yesterday.   Thank goodness.

A New Endeavour

In addition to my show at 1039 fm, the link below is an announcement of a new gig about which I’m quite excited! 

Midriff Confession

Sometimes I wonder what it says about me, that my first impulse on those rare occasions when I see a truly obese person, I mean someone who’s absolutely gigantic….

Scary Sleepyhead

A man in England was acquitted of murder this week.  He strangled his wife of 40 years while she slept because he was dreaming that he was fighting off an intruder. 

Influential Artist

Do you remember The Gates, the art installation that featured a series of orange fabric drapes hung from huge frames in New York’s Central Park years ago? 

Bad Advice

I guess members of a US federal task force do not have breasts.  Their family members do not have breasts and neither does anyone else they care about.

Don Delusions

My pal Dan Brown at the Free Press got an exclusive interview with Don Henley.  You can read it here: 

My Brother’s Trek

For a long, long time my “baby” brother has dreamed about going on a solo adventure via motorcycle through South America.

Dobbs of Money

Well, well, well.  So it seems rogue CNN host Lou Dobbs became such a pain in the company’s behind that they coughed up big money for him to finally shut his yap.

Close Enough Encounters

We’re watching the series V about an alien arrival.  Are they good? Are they evil?  Do they want to enslave us or be our friends?