Who knew that we had Vegas all to ourselves until yesterday? 

We got all dolled up, me in my sparkly, sequinned little red number, and aimed for the Noodle Shop at Mandalay Bay for dinner.  We had an amazing soup there the other night and craved a repeat performance.  However, the half-empty restaurant we had floated into just a couple of days prior was now alive with the clicking sound of chopsticks and a queue of hungry tourists snaking down out front. We’re just not liner-uppers so we went with a plan b which was just fine!

The other night at Paris we wanted to try the buffett.   Almost every review I consulted called it the best in Vegas (plus it was highly recommended by a trusted pal) but its lineup was astoundingly long.  So we opted for a lovely Italian restaurant instead and it was delicious.

So we’ve established that we’re not the most patient people on the planet and we are flexible enough to change our plans!  But we didn’t realize that we had so much of the strip to ourselves until the hour of Christmas dinner passed and the floodgates opened.

Last night we went to the Sahara and The Comedy Spot.  JJ Walker emceed and headlined but the other two comics were much funnier.  It is magical here at night-time, even if the tram stops running at 10:30 and you have to trot a lot. We also explored New York New York and it ranks second to Paris in my mind as the hotel with the most authentic atmosphere.  We checked out the Stratosphere and didn’t even consider going on the insane rides atop the tower whose point is to make you feel like you’re about to be pitched over the side to a long fall and a certain death!  The crowds are thickening and the excitement is building toward New Year’s Eve by which time we’ll be back home, feeling sorry for Dick Clark from the comfort of a couch.

3 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. I’m assuming that lovely Italian restaurant was Mon Ami Gabi. That was my breakfast spot. Perfect for my taste. I stayed at Paris, and although the shops and casino area are impressive, I’ll head for Belagio or Venetian next time. Another must? A gondola ride at the Venetian. You book a sail time and bypass most of the waiting.

    Oh, and I do NOT recommend The Price Is Right show at Bally’s. Poor choice on my part.


    1. The restaurant was La Provencal (or something similar) across from the Paris Buffet. We really don’t do well with lining up! We waited about five minutes at the Noodle Shop tonight (Mandalay Bay) because we had been there before, knew how good it was, and could see tables being cleared!! The wait for an Eiffel ride was better than an hour and we just couldn’t do it. Funny how you become the knowledgeable veteran for the new arrivals. We’ve helped people navigate the area just as we were helped. I love seeing strangers taking pictures for other strangers. It gives me hope for mankind! 🙂

  2. I know! Practically every time I took out my camera someone asked if I wanted my picture taken in front of whatever I was about to shoot. The Eiffel Tower isn’t worth the hour wait – good choice on your part.

    Yes, my 4 days there made me an official Vegas tour guide. I found myself teaching the lessons of the bus system to the people checking in as we checked out….can’t wait to go back one day!!

    …and welcome home!

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