What Happened In Vegas

You know the marketing line for the Strip: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!  Well, sometimes what happens, comes home with you. 

Derek and I did the biker’s drive-up special at the World Famous Little White Wedding Chapel on the north end of the strip.  This is not a joke!   We wore our riding clothes (they insisted that I wear the supplied garter over my jeans!) and did the no-frills deed. 

Married Bees 1

It was sweet and memorable.  We got to see the parties involved in earlier weddings including a 60-something couple all dolled up for the chapel and a young family with their baby and their niece as ring-bearer.  That little girl was beaming!  We chatted a while to the brother of the bride.  They were all giggling as they entered the chapel for the Elvis special – they went whole hog and had The King sing two songs!  We could hear him from the lobby and he was actually pretty good.

We wanted something low-fuss and fun yet real with just a touch of Vegas tackiness!  And that’s exactly what we got.  The actual ceremony was very brief and surprisingly emotional.  We have it all on DVD and a CD of digital photos that turned out surprisingly well considering the photographer was on the clock, we were outside, and dressed in unusual wedding attire!   In a nutshell, now, we are each bound to our best friend.  We have a unique story and hopefully our friends and family won’t feel obligated to buy us a toaster.  The happy shockwaves are dying down and life can go on as before, except for the little gold bands and the DVD of two people with big, silly grins on their faces!

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