Crash Course in Road Sharing

Let me say at the outset that I did not actually witness the accident.  I saw the car fly across the oncoming lanes and onto the grass, stopping just shy of the hedge but I didn’t actually see the impact.  I was behind a van at the stoplight. 

But I do know what happened.  The pick-up full of kids ran a red light and smacked into the small black car, which resulted in its flight. The teens were out of the pickup and sprinting across the busy street in mere seconds, leaving the truck in the intersection.  They were unconcerned about any occupant in the other vehicle.  Typical teens. The girls were wailing and clutching the guys with all of the drama of Brian’s Song.  I could almost hear them. “Oh, like, we’re so, like, happy to, like, be okay, like!”  “Oh yeahhhh, like, why does everything always happen, to, like, US?”

When I finally worked my way past the scene (with no thanks to the selfish pigs in the right lane!) I made sure the person in the black car was moving before I carried on. They were on their cell, no doubt calling 911.

I didn’t stay because I didn’t actually see it happen. Deducing and witnessing are two very different things.  But the guy in the van ahead of me did pull over.  He would have had a front row seat for the action, which happened in a flash.

As for those kids – they were taught a lesson that I really hope will stick with them.  Driving like idiots can hurt you or someone else.  It looked like the humans involved emerged unscathed but there was a lot of damage to the vehicles.  Somebody’s Mom or Dad was going to be very upset and from where I sit, that’s a good thing.  Kids who drive like that are like loaded guns being waved around by monkeys.  You never know who’s going to get shot.

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  1. Ever increasingly I’ve become more and more leery and careful when crossing streets, even lighted intersections where it should be safer. Unfortunately all to often, drivers put their vehicles into drive and their brains go into neutral or park. Here in Toronto, several pedestrians have been killed while crossing at an lighted intersection with the light due to mindless drivers not paying attention.

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