This Week in Entertainment Dirt

Young actress Anna Paquin has come out and said she’s bisexual.  Unless you watch vampire shows aimed at teens, and I do not, I mostly remember Anna from her role in The Piano, which won her an Oscar when she was somewhere around the age of a fetus.  She also played a groupie in Almost Famous. 

I couldn’t care less if someone is bi, tri or shy.  But I really think that these Linday Lohans and Anna Paquins are declaring their bisexuality because it’s easier than making a firm decision one way or the other.  Same with Anne Heche – remember her?  She was only bisexual when it came to the wealthy and powerful Ellen Degeneres. Convenient.  Keeping her options open.  Proves my point.

Jeff Conaway was one of the hearthrobs of the sitcom Taxi.   He starred on Broadway in Grease and appeared to have a bright future ahead of him.  He was even married to a sister of Olivia Newton-John.  And then he got into drugs so deeply that he lost his teeth, his career and his dignity.  When our producers interviewed him for Whatever Happened To, he was an incoherent burnout who had a dozen or more hangers-on flopped all over  his filthy Hollywood house.  Here’s how he looks now, at 60.

He fell and broke his hip while he was stoned.  He told an interviewer he was going to work on getting sober but admitted to being on all sorts of drugs.  You can’t see how ravaged and unrecognizable his face is.  This is what drugs can do kids, despite money, fame, attention and adoration.  This is what can happen if they don’t kill you and you don’t give them up.

Tiger.  Jesse.  Bruce.  Court papers alleging Bruce Springsteen’s affair with a New Jersey housewife caused the break-up of her marriage are out in detail and it’s pretty juicy stuff.  At first, the woman’s soon-to-be ex-husband looked like a bit of a lunatic for claiming her trips to the gym where Bruce was also a member were for more than just working out, but not any more.  The wife is even reported to have admitted that her relationship with The Boss was inappropriate.  His people won’t comment.  There will be no rehab or public apology.  After all, even if it is true it’s just one woman and not a harem, for a change.