Foul Mouthed Maven

A 200 year old female senator is in the headlines for telling aid groups to “shut the f*** up!” concerning their complaints on the Harper government’s foreign policy concerning abortion. 

The senator, Nancy Ruth, says she was offering friendly advice to the groups who were expressing outrage that the government will not fund abortion in its child and maternal health initiative abroad.  But the rest of her comment was a warning that an outcry could cause a backlash and “this isn’t about women’s health in this country.”

From stopping daily media briefings to secrecy about the issues surrounding the ousting of MPs to having a mouthpiece like this one warning there could be further repercussions if there are complaints, Stephen Harper is running this country like an abusive Dad.  Didn’t like that beating?  Well don’t cry about it or you’ll get one that’s even worse!  It’s crazy but what may be even worse is that we’ve seen the alternatives and they don’t look so great either.