You Can Call Me “Art”

If you ever come to my house it’s not likely that I will point out my paintings to you and that’s for your sake.  Art is such a subjective thing.  Some people like very literal depictions of sitting ducks and crouching cats.  Others want a velvet Elvis watching over them.  I never want to put someone in a position where they feel they have to struggle to say something nice if they don’t feel it. 

I felt that way times 100 at JMR Gallery in Bayfield where two of my paintings are part of an exhibit called 22.  Wonderful friends joined me – Laurie and Jeff, Dan and Amanda, and Amanda’s Mom – and we gathered to see the works and attend the opening reception.

For the first time ever, I was asked to explain how I create my paintings so I did my best to explain it!  I don’t know if it’s big enough to read but this what it says above my two paintings.

A baker from Goderich baked this cake, which the artists and gallery owner/artist Judy May Roth (JMR) all cut together.  I’m not usually a big fan of white cake but  I had a small piece – avoided the sugary icing – and it was absolutely outstanding!

22 is a number that has figured regularly into Judy’s life.  Her children and their partners were all born on a 22 day and there have been many other 22s in her life! 

This is Jeff Nevin (of Nevin Motors. Need a car, new or used? Jeff can help!) wonderful and supportive friend, extolling the virtues of my artwork!  Or maybe he’s asking when we’re going to eat the cake.  I can’t say for sure!

It really was a great day!  I hope to contribute more paintings to future exhibits.  No one else there does quite what I do and that’s a very good thing.  I don’t really care who loves it or doesn’t.  I love to do it and I’m grateful to Judy for including me among the fine artists in her gallery’s collection.