Wet Weather

There isn’t anything we can do about it but the weather sure can take the fun out of outdoor plans, eh?  As I write this it’s raining hard and the joy is being sucked out of the day for many people on this long weekend.

I remember a My 24 weekend at Dragway Park in Cayuga when my friends and I were camping for the weekend.   I woke up with rain water streaming into the tent, soaking my sleeping bag and me.  Forget about touching the sides and getting a leak, someone had left the zippers wide open!  I ended up with pneumonia that summer. Good times, good times!

Is it any wonder that I hate camping? 

I really do hate camping.  I just don’t see the point of it all since the invention of the house!  However it is one of my dreams to see this country and the one below it via a motorhome of some sort.  Something with a hard outer shell that’s lockable and has facilities like a toilet and a little kitchen.  That sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to tour, like a turtle, with your house on your back.  But a tent?  No thanks.  That’s like denying the progress civilization has made.  If you camp in a tent you may as well throw out your stove and cook dinner over an open flame, in your house, every night.  And use candles instead of electric lighting, while you’re at it. Beat your clothing clean on rocks in a river.  Use an …outhouse.   Brrrr.  What a frightening thought!

1 thought on “Wet Weather”

  1. Wet weather, is unfortunately a necessary evil, especially this year. We had a very mild winter with little snow and as such nature and the ground it’s based on is thirsting for moisture and sustenance in order to come alive providing that essential component required to sustain our survival. Rain sucking the life out of our out door enjoyment, not sure you want to try living without it, no rain, no plant life, no food or fresh air, and no life. I’ll take the rain thank you and just make other plans.

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