Garage update, June 27

Does anything ever go as planned?  The trick is to be flexible enough to roll with it when your plans take on a will of their own.

That’s what Derek has had to do with the construction of his garage.   Other than the super-dependable Mike, it’s been a crapshoot as to whether he will have help each day.  When he has two guys helping they got a whole lot done.  Saturday was another three-man day.  It’s amazing to me that a guy will help another guy with gruelling physical labour in the hot sunshine, for nothing more than lunch and a steady supply of fresh water.  Three cheers for helpful guys!

Friday was a frustrating day. Nothing seemed to be lining up and it was puzzling.  Then Derek hit upon an idea – loosen all of the nuts and create some “play” in the structure.  Voila!   Back in business.  Here is how it stands, at end of day on Saturday:

Three more spans on each side, a back and a front -and we’re in business!  There will be a bit of a break in the intensity of working every day while we celebrate Ma Botten’s 80th birthday today and enjoy the 5-day stay of a relative next week. But it looks like something now. Yup, I stand back and say – wow, that’s really something!  And then I go back into the cool, air-conditioned house.  That’s how I roll.

3 thoughts on “Garage update, June 27”

  1. Its just in our blood, we simply can’t help ourselves when an opportunity comes along to build or fix something.
    I’m the president of our condo corp. and we needed a Do Not Enter sign replaced. So property management purchased it and last week I was up on a step ladder removing the old one and installing the new. Why didn’t I just pay someone, because I just can’t help myself and I like fixing things, besides I work for free.

  2. Actually a couple of my neighbors had a similar concern. However what many don’t know, is that my father was a master craftsman (painter) so I have spent many a moment a top of step Ladders, 20/30 foot extension Ladders etc., and so even though things have changed to an observer, to me not much has changed, other than I’m much more careful when I do venture up a ladder.

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