Artery Clogging and Heart Starting

KFC’s Double Down sandwich arrived in Canada yesterday.   Fast food lovers have been drooling at the border, hoping that this monolithic bread-free bunwich-without-the-bun would make it to our KFC’s soon.   They delivered a bagful yesterday and I took in a big sniff and then sent mine away while my colleagues sated their curiosity.  

The Double Down is two pieces of seasoned fried chicken with cheese, bacon and sauce in between. The chicken replaces a bun.  The sandwich clocks in at 540 calories with 30 grams of fat, half of the daily recommended fat intake, and 1740 milligrams of salt.   Canada’s Food Guide recommends a daily salt intake of 1500 milligrams so thanks to the Double Down, you get more than a day’s worth in one sitting!

My colleagues said it actually tasted very, very salty – saltier than the Colonel’s usual chicken coating.  I don’t understand how and why they have chosen to make it so salty.  Anyway, I simply couldn’t do it.  As much as I love bacon and cheese the whole fried thing just turns me off.  The grease scent lingers long after the bag leaves the room!  KFC has even admitted that customers should only consume its Double Down once in a while.  

Hours before the free Double Downs arrived, the Heart and Stroke Foundation released its new guidelines for performing CPR.  Instead of launching your lips at the patient first, now they recommend switching the order of the potentially life-saving techniques and starting with hard, fast chest compressions.  (After you’ve called 911 of course.) They recommend 100 chest compressions per minute.   These details are important to know at least until every Double Down comes with its own disposable defibrillator.