Commercial Magic

A couple of weekends ago I was so taken by a product on a commercial that I immediately went to the website and ordered it.  After all it’s “not available in stores” and the special bonus is on for a “limited time only”! 

I’m a sucker.   My Fix It for Wood arrived yesterday and while it isn’t a total washout it’s not nearly as effective as claimed. (SURPRISE! not!)  It’s a spray that claims to render invisible any scratch in any type of real wood, not veneer.  I’ve used it on a couple of pieces and it works on the shallowest and tiniest scratches but  not on the bigger ones, which, of course, are the ones you want to fix. 

I find solace in the stories told by friends of how they’ve stayed up late at night and ordered whatever dreck was fed to them via infomercial.   The last time I got suckered by such claims it was for ProActive, the acne-ridding system used by the stars.  Oh, it’s probably effective but it burned my face (and didn’t end my short-term, mild adult acne problem) and bleached every facecloth and towel it came into contact with.  That was at least five years ago.  $30 every five years to relearn a lesson isn’t such a bad rate!