Yelling “Fire!”

A London woman is being credited by the Fire Chief for saving the life of a man whose house was burning, because she yelled and screamed and caused such a ruckus, the man came outside.  She also banged on the door of a neighbour and told them to call 911. 

This story can’t help but bring back memories of my own fire at a townhouse right here in London.   Our neighbour heard the smoke alarm and thought something was wrong but instead of doing anything, she turned her television up louder and carried on with her life while my possessions (and dog, Misty) went up in smoke.   Later as she clutched her dog in her arms she had the nerve to look me in the eye and say, she didn’t want to “cause a fuss”.  Well the woman who yelled and screamed certainly caused a fuss and saved a life! 

My old neighbour was an idiot.   I hope she’ s the minority or God help us all!