Trouble Online

Caution: Plenty of whine ahead! 

I woke up this morning with a raw throat, a throbbing head and a laptop that wouldn’t connect to the Internet.  I have a general knowledge of these things and nothing I tried would work.   I’m talking about the laptop.   Our pal Thane, whose computer knowledge runs even deeper, happened to drop by and also tried to fiddle around with the laptop.  He was left puzzled and the laptop is currently useful only as a lovely doorstop or large paperweight.

I guess I’m going to have to take it to a proper geek who will charge me out the wazoo to fix it.  I’ve looked online and tried the fixes I’ve found in forums but nothing is solving the problem.  It’s a drag because I love having a laptop!  I enjoy being able to surf the net anywhere in the house.  Right now I’m using Derek’s desktop computer.   I recently reduced my data transfer amount on my iPhone so using it for major web surfing could become expensive.  It’s amazing how dependent we get on these technological gadgets.  Lucky for me I’m sick today so I was asleep for most of the day anyway.   Strange when being sick equals being lucky, isn’t it?!

2 thoughts on “Trouble Online”

  1. Sounds to me like either the wireless adapter in the laptop isn’t enabled or the wireless access point isn’t turned on/enabled. Laptops will often have a button frequently along the front edge some where which will enable or disable the wireless adapter in the laptop. If it worked yesterday, its likely something simple which has occured to cause the problem.

    1. It’s definitely the wireless adapter but there is no such button. It’s as if the wireless capability has been entirely removed. Everything to do with it is missing. Our pal even tried removing the program to force Windows to search for it again and it gave up partway through! I’m taking it to the shop today.

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