The Conversation at the Door

The doorbell rang and I tossed off my warm throw and skittered to answer it hoping it was a family member dropping by. 

I tried not to look too disappointed at the two tall, young men with clipboards.  You know the drill as soon as you see them.  They are on a mission as if from God.  They work for a natural gas supplier and believe that they are your saviour if only you will show them your energy bill, listen to their sermon and sign their little form.

“Hello Ma’am how are you today?”

“Not great.  I have a bad cold and you woke me up from a nap.”


“Oh, well, we’re doing better than that. I guess.  We’re from ****** Energy company and we’d like to see your gas bill and show you how you can save now that Smart Meters are coming.”

“No thanks.”


“Is there someone else we can talk to?”

“His answer will be “no thanks” too.”


“Ma’am, I’m not sure you understand why we’re here.”

“And I’m not sure you understand “No thanks”.” 

Smile.  Close door on arrogant Kool-Aid drinking jerks!