A Little Road Trip

I’m going to be out of the routine for a while; out of the province until Sunday and then on different shifts at work. 

Our truck on the road will look nothing like this:

Except for the smiles!  We tend to put our luggage inside the vehicle and we pack light.  After all, we’re bikers!

Next week I fill in on the morning show.  The week after that, the afternoon show.  My blogging (and my body clock!) will be all over the place.  So if you pop by and I haven’t been here when I normally have, now you know why!

1 thought on “A Little Road Trip”

  1. Please, I would like to have some vicarious sushi from Kaizen while you are there. Thank you. Not you Derr, just eat your boring pizza with no hot peppers and pineapple or your cod tongues or whatever it is you eat! Have fun, play safe!

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