Comfy Shoe, Please Come Home

Our trip to Lachine is complete, our family mission accomplished with good results.  We went, we ate and we laughed – a lot.  But something a little strange happened.  I lost a shoe. 

After we left the house on Friday morning it occured to me that I didn’t have a change of shoes with me.  We were picking up a sister and a brother and needed to swing past our house again anyway, so I popped inside to grab my favourite pair of warm, comfy, casual shoes. Here is the survivor.

I plopped the shoes on the floor of the front passenger seat and scootched them over to the left.  We stopped a couple of times on the way and when we arrived at the hotel I forgot to bring them inside.  “Oh well”, I thought.  ‘I’ll get them tomorrow!” 

Tomorrow came and went in a flurry of shopping, moving, restaurant-going and changes of rider in the front passenger seat.  At day’s end I went to grab those shoes and take them inside and could only find one.  I’ve searched and hoped and crawled around looking but I cannot find shoe #2.  It must have gotten kicked out of the cab at some point but…how could that happen without anyone noticing?  Apparently it did.  I can only hope to find another pair at Payless some day.   They were comfortable and great in wet weather, not to mention they match my black quilted jacket which was a lucky accident.  I would love to know where that shoe ended up.  Is it in a lost and found?  Did it end up covered in mud or, even worse, run over?  I will probably never know. I can’t bear to throw out its mate in a futile hope that one day they’ll be reunited.  Such a sentimental shoe fool, eh?

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  1. Oh my!! Such a quandary! Or is it more of a conundrum? Let’s call it an enigma with overtones of mystification and pray for answers! Glad the trip went well

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