An Easier Way to Have Your Say

Once in a while, certainly more often than I would like, I’ll get an email from a blog reader who has become frustrated while trying to register to leave a comment.  It’s not the fault of the site but I suppose that doesn’t really matter when it gets in the way of someone who wants to say something about something they’ve read. So my webmaster and I came up with a solution that will eliminate those barriers and make it super simple to leave a comment. 

You no longer need to register to become a commenter.  In fact, you no longer need to give your email address.  You can be anonymous.   Your first comment will need to be approved but after that, my hands are off the wheel.  

What if I want to say something negative, you ask?  Well, I don’t mind that at all unless it is one of the following: 

1.  Mean. Constructive criticism is one thing but being outright mean is unacceptable.  What’s the difference? Well you can usually tell a mean comment by its absolutes.  “You are the worst writer ever and you should give it up altogether!”  That’s mean. 

2. Potentially libellous.   As the publisher of this bit of web media I’m responsible for what’s said here and if I allow someone to get into a legal jackpot it’s possible I could end up in there with them.   There’s no benefit to that for anyone. 

3.   Contrary to a fault. If someone comes here every day just to tell me what a jerk I am, I really don’t need that kind of attention.   When I did talk radio (and anyone who does talk radio will tell you this) there were callers who didn’t want to comment on the topic.  They wanted to tell me why I shouldn’t be spending time on that topic.  “Why talk about poppies when there are people starving in the world?”  Well, today I’m talking about poppies and if you don’t want to talk about poppies that is well and good but poppies is the topic so please go somewhere else!  That applies here as well.

Make no mistake – this is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship!  Oh I would never used a gold-lined toilet seat while my subjects suffered but I’m the dictator of this website just the same.  So having laid the ground rules I do hope you’ll share experiences, reactions, stories, and inspirations from stuff I write, silly or serious.   I’ll look forward to it and I’m grateful that you visit.  Thanks.

7 thoughts on “An Easier Way to Have Your Say”

  1.  Oh, goodie goodie goodie, what fun I shall have! Not that its stopped me before, but now I can comment without logging in first, oh joy. Unfortunately,
    unless care has been taken, so can spammers.

  2. This f*##%)( site is the %$&**^# that could ever #%#$$!! so why don’t you just #%%$!?!! a @%^^+)** and take a *>>$###! forever!!
    ………………..Whew!! Glad I got that out of my system.
    Nice idea for for making comments easier. Thanks Weezer!

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