I (Don’t) Love a Parade!

It may very well be because I don’t have kids that I don’t get into the whole parade thing.  If I were taking a child to a parade, well, I’d stake out a prime viewing spot and wait as long as it took to see the fat man in the red suit go gliding past.  I suppose that’s why people do it.  But frankly I’d just like to see the the whole thing reduced to the one float – Santa’s – and be done with all of the anticipation.  Then again I haven’t submitted my list to the big guy this year so I’m not so excited about seeing him, I guess!  

But before you think I’m a total Debbie Downer on parades, let me say that I’d much rather be in one than be watching one.

And that’s what I’ll be doing tonight!  The London Santa Claus Parade starts at 6 pm and I’ll be with the Corus Radio London contingent representing 1039FM.  With a forecasted high of 13 degrees today, it should be a comfortable evening for a stroll down Dundas Street.  We’re not allowed to toss candy because it’s too dangerous for the wee ones.  So we’ll be waving like the Queen and enjoying the looks on peoples’ faces when they are obviously thinking, “who the heck is that?!”  We’re radio people after all and we’re not that well known, visually.  If I get a moment with the fat man I’ll put in a good word for you and yours.

2 thoughts on “I (Don’t) Love a Parade!”

    1. Well the candy lands on the ground, little kids run to pick it up, vehicles and clowns are all approaching willy-nilly. You can see where a child could get hurt.

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