Thank You, Officers

Shots were fired in a neighbourhood not far from ours last week.  Two houses were struck by bullets and a dark sedan was seen leaving the area. 

It was disturbing to say the least.  Weird stuff happens downtown on occasion but not out here in Hooterville.  We don’t have bars for hundreds of revellers to stumble out of.  Bullets don’t normally fly anywhere in London and most certainly not in a residential area. 

With very little to go on, police found a suspect within a couple of days.  He’s a 55 year old man with no fixed address and a car stocked full of weapons including a .357 Magnum.  He also toted around a suspected kidnapping kit including duct tape, a stun gun, bear spray, chains, masks, gloves and tools.  There was a large quantity of  prescription painkillers and a bit of marijuana. An onlooker like myself can only speculate about his motives, especially since an attempted murder charge was laid.  But it’s clear that the shooter didn’t have a very good aim.  He fired off six shots and half of them hit a house he wasn’t aiming for. 

Catching this guy kept someone from getting seriously hurt.  The possibilities are beyond creepy.  Anytime someone is toting around guns, bear spray, duct tape, a stun gun and masks, and he doesn’t live in a cabin in the woods, I pretty much want him behind bars.   Good work, guys and gals.

2 thoughts on “Thank You, Officers”

  1. Unfortunately, what he did was not attempted murder so he will plead to a lesser charge and probably be sentenced to a psych evaluation and then released to roam the streets again. I would thank the officers if they had been `forced’ to kill him because he resisted and pulled his gun……somewhere with only supportive witnesses, like maybe other officers who don’t want some nutbar roaming the streets with bearspray and guns. But that’s just me.

    1. Police allege he was targeting one of the people in one of the houses. As lame as the attempt appears to be the more severe charge might be worth a shot, no pun intended.

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