Searching for Sheron Alton

A reader of this blog is on a quest and I’m asking for your help on his behalf. 

Sheron Alton was a member of the late-70’s-and-80’s rock band Toronto.  At one time she was married to Brian Allen, another band member, but they have since lost touch.  (This we know from Mr. Allen himself.)  Tidbits of information have come to light that she might now be an interior decorator and probably lives somewhere north of Toronto.  Remarried, her surname could be just about anything now.

Sheron is the flower girl in this photo from my reader’s Mom’s 1955 wedding.

It is really the matron-of-honour that we’re looking for, Colleen Alton, Sheron’s mom, second from the right.  She and the bride were best friends but lost touch after Colleen moved to the U.S.  The bride is recently widowed and would dearly love to reconnect with her old friend.  We need to reach Sheron to find out where her Mom lives now.

If you know how to get in touch with Sheron Alton, an elderly lady who just lost her mate would be forever grateful.  Send me an email and I’ll connect you to the gentleman who’s trying to help his Mom reclaim a bit of her history.  Thanks.