Santa Tiger

He’s cuddly and harmless and rides a Harley!

It takes a hard core rider to get on a Harley…on a trailer… and ride down Gainsborough from Sherwood Forest Mall to beyond Hyde Park on a November Saturday morning and this cat did it yesterday during the Hyde Park Lions Santa Claus Parade.

The braids on the back of the bike belong to a smaller tiger that was strapped to the back, with a blinking red nose.  We rode up front of course!  If I had a quarter for every time I heard a kid yell “TIGER!” I’d have a purse full of change to show for it!

I got a little weary of saying Merry Christmas so I thought I’d mix it up with Happy Harley-Days! 

Seems to me the crowds were smaller than last year but the wind was brisk and bitter this year and that’s a good enough reason to stay indoors. Still, thousands of happy faces lined the street and it’s great exposure for the bike shows.  Happy Harley-Days!  (I figure that if I keep saying it, it will catch on! haha!)

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