My Definition of Romantic

My husband did something very romantic for me yesterday.  Here is a picture of it. 

That is our breezeway.  It was cluttered and he decluttered it.  There was plywood stacked along the wall and other bits and bobs of vehicle flotsam and some insulation.  At least I think it was insulation.  It was definitely boy stuff and I’ve tried to be patient about it being moved.  After all, things have been in flux with the new garage going up and being more than a bit of a headache to complete.

Yesterday without a word spoken about it, the stuff all got moved into the giant, new garage and I was sent this picture.   This is his busy season.  He’s being pulled in several directions and doesn’t want for things to do. But he took the time to do this. And even though it wasn’t  a moonlit stroll or a bouquet of flowers it was a very romantic gesture, in my books.  He went to considerable effort to do something to make me happy, for no particular reason at all.

1 thought on “My Definition of Romantic”

  1. Acts of kindness or thoughtfulness can often be the most appreciated and even romantic, especially when you realize that someone went out of their way to make time in a busy schedule to do something for you.

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