Unbelievable Greed

How much is enough? There’s no such thing, according to some people.  And for today’s randt, those people are named “Jackson”.  

New Michael Jackson material is coming out.  Will.i.am from Black Eyed Peas says he’s sickened by the disrespect it shows and I have to agree.  Will has vocals Michael laid down for some work they were doing together just before Michael died and he says he will never release the unfinished tracks because Michael isn’t here to finish them.  “He was such a perfectionist”, says Will.  It’s just not right to churn out stuff that was half done.

Jermaine Jackson is broke.  LaToya Jackson still lives at home with her Mom.  Joe Jackson (Dad) is a disgusting human being who has a never-ending need to buy new pimp suits and hats.  Michael was the most talented and successful and most of his less-interesting kin are still trying to ride on the fumes of his fame.  Jermaine should get a damn job or sell off some of the tacky but expensive crap from his home.

The Jackson’s – America’s ultimate dysfunctional family.  They seem to feel entitled to live off the proceeds of their dead brother’s musical genius.  Enough already!

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