Holiday Feast

I’m trying to decide whether no one truly cares about this woman or they’re all being supportive to a fault.  Regardless, let’s get to know Donna Simpson, shall we, because she doesn’t have a lot of time.

That’s Donna, flanked by two TV hosts who visited her to chronicle her outrageous eating habits as she attempts to become the fattest woman in the world. She already holds the Guinness record for fattest mother, having given birth to her daughter in 2007 during a high-risk Ceasarean when she weighed 600 lbs.  Thirty medics assisted with the birth.  Now she’s eating enough to feed an African village in hopes of hitting the 1000 lb. mark.

What did she eat for Christmas dinner?  Glad you asked: 2 25-pound turkeys, two glazed hams, 15 pounds of potatoes, a roast, five loaves of bread, five pounds of stuffing, three litres of gravy, three litres of cranberry sauce and 20 pounds of vegetables.  What, no pie?

Donna makes her living by being fat. She is paid to attend events and she has her own website through which people can watch her eat.  And they do.  Donna brushes off those who suggest she will kill herself at this pace claiming she is healthy, despite needing a scooter to get around.  She wears XXXXXXXL clothing and her partner, the father of her toddler, describes himself as a “belly man” who helps make sure his beloved gets at least 12,000 calories a day. 

A glimpse into Donna’s childhood offers a bit of a clue into the state of her psyche.  Donna says her mother showed her love by serving her and her siblings enormous meals and arguing with doctors who said the kids were unhealthy.  Donna was 220 lbs. at age 9.  Now she needs another 400 pounds or so to break the fat lady record and she aims to do it within two years.  If she’s still alive in two years, that is.

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  1. If this woman was stabbing herself repeatedly before an audience online, there would be an outcry to save her. Instead, she’s killing herself with a knife AND fork. She’s obviously mentally ill; isn’t there anyone who loves her enough to intervene???

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