Packrat – 1!

Score one for the packrat and nothing for the anti-clutter nut! 

We need a new back door. The lock broke and while replacing it we realized that it’s the original one that came with the house 60-odd years ago.  Its insides are all chewed up from door and lock replacements past. It’s also a narrower size than is standard today.  Trying to find a replacement was becoming quite a challenge until my in-house packrat remembered he had saved a brand new exterior door from the discard pile at a friend’s company several years ago.  And – you guessed it – it fits perfectly!

I have to hand it to him.  This was a really smart save.  The door is worth several hundred dollars and it’s in the process of having its salmon colour changed to a proper white.  It will be installed, locks put in and for the cost of some paint and his labour, we’ll have a beautiful new door.  But I can see the future now.  The next time I suggest that something else should perhaps be removed from the basement and sent on to its great reward at Goodwill or the landfill, I’m going to hear, “remember that new exterior door?!”

1 thought on “Packrat – 1!”

  1. The true value of Guy Stuff! Would you settle if eventually all that guy stuff makes it out of the basement and ito the garage once/when its finished? You see, you never know when that box of wire odd and ends will come in handi.

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