Spam, Wonderful Spam

Since this site has been opened up to registration-free comments it has been inundated with spam! 

I expected this, of course, and it doesn’t affect anything except a little bit of my time to delete the offending posts.  They generally contain some sort of bland but complimentary comment like “this blog saved much time!”  or “I am from Milan, I will come back for more of your insightful postings!”  The accompanying URL tends to have “bet” or “single” or “drugs” somewhere in there.  It’s almost fascinating that people have come up with a way to automatically seek out open blogs and attempt to attach their sales pitches, like barnacles to the side of a ship. 

I’m happy with the change to bypass registration because more people are posting comments.  That’s the idea!  And the spam?  Well it’s a little annoying but I think Monty Python said it best way back in the day.  At the time they had no idea that they would be talking about anything besides salty, canned meat!

2 thoughts on “Spam, Wonderful Spam”

  1. Spam maravilloso!!! Wunderbare Spam!!! لبريد الإلكتروني المتطفل !!!رائعة

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