Another Year of “Tipping”

My pals at are having a blast, working hard and growing their website. 

For quite a while now I’ve been supplying them with a monthly tip for broadcasters.  I used to feel a little awkward about being too specific about a topic, especially if it meant someone who was responsible for something might read my criticism.  But then I thought, anyone who knows me knows I do it with an aim of helping to improve things, I’m in a position and of an age where I’ve experienced a lot and I don’t hide behind a pseudonym – I use my name and I will stand behind anything that I say.  So damn the torpedoes.  I have every right to speak my mind and I do!

If you’re in radio, check them out – there is no www – it’s  They post job listings and terrific articles related to growing your career.  My January 2011 tip is on the lower right of the homepage.  And it’s right here:

Pop star Justin Bieber went holiday shopping in Kitchener, Ontario and it was a missed opportunity by news outlets that sent out Twitter, Facebook and email alerts about the Bieber sightings.
Each and every one I received failed to hit its target. What they all forgot to consider was one question: Who is my audience? Each alert said a variation the same thing:  Justin Bieber spotted shopping in Kitchener.  If your target listener is an adult they do not care what he is doing or where. On Facebook the postings attracted almost universally negative responses and it’s no wonder.  The reaction was, “Why would my radio station think I care what Justin Bieber is doing? Do they even know me at all??”
A more demo-focused alert for these news/talk stations might have been, “Teen shoppers in a frenzy in Kitchener mall as Justin Bieber shops for Boxing Day bargains”. That’s a story that has some value to the recipient.  The interpretation might be, “The mall is chaotic because of a teen pop star”, rather than, “Why would I care what that kid is doing?”
Any time any communication is done with a listener the first question should always be, who is my audience?  Talk to them – not their kids, not their parents. If a moment had been taken to ask that question it would have been obvious that the average listener to news/talk is not a Justin Bieber fan. So make the story relevant to them.  It makes all the difference in the world.

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  1. A-Men!!! I can’t count the number of occasions that ‘News talking heads’ have made announcements re: brittany, mylie, brad, blah, etc and I as an adult have the ‘who gives a damn?’ reaction. TV people should remember this bit of vital information as well. Thanks for making it available to radio persons at least.

    I get that reaction frequently to so-called entertainment “News”. Most of it is straight BS and nobody really cares, not even the parties involved who only want the media mention and don’t care if it is true or even newsworthy.

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