At The Age of 10

What consumes the free days of most 10 year olds?  It’s got to be computer and game-related stuff. 

When I was 10 if I wasn’t banging rocks together in a bid to invent fire I was likely cleaning pelts and drying them in the sun because, come winter, we would get mighty cold in our igloo!

10-year old Kathryn Gray from Fredricton, New Brunswick discovered a supernova.  She didn’t just locate it, she discovered it.  Until New Year’s Day, this supernova had never been pinpointed by scientists.

She had help from her Dad, an amateur astronomer, but she found the darn thing in a distant galaxy about 240 million light years away.  I repeat: she is TEN!  When I was 10 I lost my glasses and never found them again.  I lost keys, toys and schoolwork.  I never found anything let alone a bright explosion caused by the death of stars.  Heck, when I was 10 I’d get pretty excited if I spotted a plane!

Kathryn is now the youngest person to ever discover a supernova.  A little bit of envy spurred her to do it after she read that a 14 year old girl had found one.  I don’t want to pressure on Kathryn but 11 is just around the corner so, what in the world – or out of this world – will she do for an encore?   And there’s probably some 9 year old out there saying, I’m coming after you, Grandma!

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