They Call Him “Golden Voice”

Ted Williams is being called the new Susan Boyle!  This video has been making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter and has made the 53-year old homeless man an overnight sensation. Everyone wants to see this hopeful guy with an amazing gift get a second chance at a good life.  Since this short video went viral , has been offered a full-time announcing job with the Cleveland Cavaliers which includes a house with a pre-approved mortgage and he has been invited onto all of the big TV morning shows.  Go Ted!  This is your chance to prove yourself.  We already know you have the talent.  Also deserving a mention is the Columbus Dispatch reporter who noticed Ted’s sign and talked to him in the first place: Kevin Joy. 

***update:  Ted has been offered a gig to become the voice of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese!

1 thought on “They Call Him “Golden Voice””

  1. Upon first blush, listening to Ted Williams voice, it very much reminded me of the recently departed Mark Dailey with a similar type wit about him. May he find his voice and have an equally successful career as Mark did.

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