Bike Show Weekend

The biggest weekend in my husband’s year is underway.  The World of Motorcycles Expo is on at the Western Fair Agriplex.  Today is the final day, 11 – 5. 

I got out to the show yesterday.  It was a major outing for me and Ivy (my IV pack) but I just had to see how it all turned out after being a part of its creation – a small part, mainly publicity and public relations.   The custom-built bikes have kicked up a notch this year and that’s likely because of IMBBA sanctioning.  The International Master Bike Builders Association sets the standard for motorcycle building and competitors are vying for points.  There are some eye-popping and almost unbelievable machines on display.  Some are so beautifully painted they almost belong in a museum.  Others are so masculine and stripped down they seem to have been brought back from the future.

UFC stars are on hand, vintage bikes – some of the oldest in existence – are also on display.  It’s a fun show as always and this year there’s a sequel.  For the first time a World of Motorcycles Expo will be held in the Tri-Cities at Bingemans in Kitchener, March 19 and 20.  I hope to have more stamina by then.  Although yesterday I did have enough energy to purchase a big bag of caramel corn so I must be doing okay.