Tastebud Twists

Something unexpected has occured as I recover from this sepsis incident. I’ve always been a coffee … freak   I love my java.  Give me a big mug of something bold and I’m in heaven.  But I seem to have lost my taste for it! 

The first indication that I was really ill was when the sight of coffee turned me off.  That would be like a a horse turning down an apple in an outstretched palm or a squirrel deciding it had enough nuts for winter and didn’t feel like gathering any more.

Now about half a cup into my morning cup of joe and I’m finished for the day. I’ll make tea later on.  I’m becoming fond of cranberry and pomegranate juice.  But coffee just doesn’t hold the same allure for me right now.  Even cheese doesn’t taste as good as it used to and there are a few other things that taste even better.  A banana is like candy and actual candy is like candy x 10. 

This may be a temporary thing, the opposite of a craving.  Maybe it has something to do with the IV drip that never leaves my side.  But it’s awfully strange. I used to get so much pleasure from a cup of coffee.  Now it just leaves me cold.

1 thought on “Tastebud Twists”

  1. Maybe this change in the taste buds is merely a gift in disguise to aid you along that desired fitness path and commitment to better health. I’ll admit, its not exactly the best way to go about making these potential changes, but the opportunity is here and who knows where it may lead.

    Just a thought.

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