Timing is Everything

You know, I really didn’t mean for this to become – at least temporarily – the sicky sickerson blog.  But it’s where my head is at.  Visits from my nurse, Geraldine, are usually my highlight for the day.  She is determined to teach me to change my own IV bag.  I pretend I don’t get it, but I do – I just don’t want to do it myself!  What’s next, doing my own electrical and plumbing too?

While I’m pretending that the IV bag change is just way too complicated for my tiny brain, my Dad is being put through his paces in rehab for his recent knee replacement surgery.  He’s in a Hamilton hospital where he’s doing pretty well.  I wish he’d eat a little more but hopefully his appetite will come back as the pain lessens. 

I can’t travel to go see him yet but we talk on the phone pretty much every day.  It’s kind of odd because we catch each other up on our respective recoveries.  It sounds like he’s with a good bunch of medical pros and he’s being looked after well.  My Mom has traveled to London and filled our freezer with ready-to-heat meals and she cleaned the house.  The next day she was spending time with my Dad in his hospital.  She spends a good deal of time with him, actually and it mustn’t be easy to have two of our four family members convalescing.  She and my brother are the pillars holding up our nuclear family right now.  Dad and I are working on our comebacks!  But I’m not working hard enough to become my own nurse.  Besides, Geraldine is sometimes the only other person I see all day.  If I start changing my own IV, who will ask me how my day is going??

3 thoughts on “Timing is Everything”

  1. It’s a slow but sure recovery, Allan, thanks for asking. I’m looking forward to getting back to a normal life in a month or so.

  2. I’ve been watching your sicky updates on Twitter for weeks, but hadn’t read the backstory ’til today on your blog. I’m glad you’re still kicking, Lisa! The liver is an amazing organ and I’m glad yours hung on long enough for you to get some good care. Take it easy, and we all look forward to having you back at your usual 110%.

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