Dumb Inventions

Dragon’s Den is one of my go-to TV shows “on demand” when there’s nothing else to watch.  I’m hooked on the idea of people appearing before a panel of rich, powerful people and doing their little invention dance to try to attract investments and partnerships.   

It’s amazing how delusional people are about their concepts.  Last week a guy with no TV experience and no interest from broadcasters actually pitched a stolen idea (Ty Pennington’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) and valued his imagined reality show at a million dollars.  People demonstrate the most ridiculous things likely based on the encouragement from family and friends.  It’s like American Idol in that way.  No one has the heart to tell them they aren’t hitting the notes until they get to the audition.

The New York Daily News has compiled a gallery of some of the dumbest inventions ever made and they all happen to be based on the bathroom. There are talking toilet paper rolls and scary things that come out of the bowl when someone lifts the lid.   Why toilet humour appeals to so many people is something I’ll never understand but nothing makes a guy burst into laughter like a good (or bad) fart joke so it must be nearly universal.

So many of the items involve going when you’re on the go.  Who in the world would have a need for a golf cart modified into a double toilet?  In what situation would you want to sit thigh to thigh with anyone?  How….why….who….?

The toilet mat/golf green is one of my favourite tacky inventions. Why just sit there when you can practise your putt?  Nevermind that you’re not in your usual stance or that you have to lean ahead to make the shot.  Someone thought a green mat with its one hole was brilliant.

Again, we’re on the move.

If you’re out hunting, why would you want to do your business next to your truck????  I just don’t understand how anyone could think that’s a good idea.  Then again I’d never spend days in the woods with the single-minded goal of killing a deer.

No sales figures were provided in the gallery but I can’t imagine any of these items being more than an occasional gag gift.  However I can imagine Dragon Robert Herjavec saying, as he does almost once per show, “That has got to be the worst idea we’ve ever seen!”

2 thoughts on “Dumb Inventions”

  1. They just had Dragon’s Den auditions here in Waterloo. People were told they had 5 minutes to make a presentation, and if it was okayed, they’d be off to Toronto for the taping.

    I’m guessing they have to give us some of those horrible ideas for laughs, and also to show us just what kind of loony ideas are out there.

    I saw that million dollar rip off TV pitch you’re speaking of. Did you also see the sweet car?! That’s one I’m curious about. Did the guys invest because it’s actually a decent business idea, or did they invest in a ‘big boy toy’ that won’t fly?

  2. Their deal included 3 cars at cost! I can’t see how those cars will sell for half a mil when they’re publicly saying they cost half that to make. They looked uncomfortable and hard to see out of!!!!

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